Building Fund

As you know we have made an offer on the property at 107 Silver Street Marrickville NSW (formerly Marrickville Baptist Church). We were able to make this offer based on your generous commitments made by faith on Sunday 07 August 2022.

We have been informed by our lender, Baptist Financial Services, we need to put those faith commitments into document form so they can easily file and count them for our loan application. We have two forms attached in this packet for that purpose.

The first form is for the one time gift which you have already committed. This now needs to be entered into this form for financial review. If you wish to revise the amount at this time then please feel free to do so.

The second form is for ongoing weekly regular giving to the building which is equally as important to help us with the ongoing cost and serviceability of our new property. For example if 50 people within our church would commit to give $20 a week ongoing towards building fund that would give us $1000 per week. This small ongoing gift would give us more clarity to what we can and can’t do.

You will notice both of these forms have a section for your personal details and signature. If you wish to remain anonymous you may do so.

You may be asking, so why put personal details on there? The reason these are on here is because according to Baptist Financial Services your details and signature prove to them that you are serious and will follow through with your commitment. They informed us anonymous commitments are only worth half of their stated value while the ones with details and signature are worth full value.

*No one will be coming to you to collect as this is a free will offering you will be making by faith between you and The Lord.

*If you do not want to fill in any form but believe God would have you give the full commitment amount already then feel free to do so.

Building fund Account details:
Open Bible Baptist Church
BSB: 032-277
ACCOUNT: 573043
(or online giving on our website)

Keep praying!

God bless you all!